Investigating Sexuality

By Melanie Contreras

Have you ever thought about sexuality, your feelings about it? Have you ever given it the time to explore it? Is it important to you? Do you not think it somehow distinguishes you? Do you know what it embodies? As I have maintained before it’s quite a cumbrous topic. It’s political, sexual, psychological, physiological and cultural to name but a few. What comes to mind when someone asks about your sexuality?

What I would propose, without burdening yourself, is to dispense with it in its austere form. Delve into your relationships, your dynamics with your partner, are your needs being fulfilled? Do you have a right to this fulfillment? Do you explore your fantasies and aspirations? Are you fulfilled? Do you judge yourself? Are you comfortable with your body, inside and out? These are all questions that deserve answers and answers that will significantly alter your life if you dare to go there. Isolating your feelings will help begin to define you.

Owning who you are is the introduction to discovering that exclusive part of you that is like no other. Sexuality is a wonderful place to begin.