Why Women to Women exists: words from the Founder

By Melanie Contreras

Women to Women by Julia was borne of faith. A faith instilled by my mother years ago. It is this faith, and the journey of my soul, that has produced this organization, my life’s purpose. While going through my own divorce, I was able to see firsthand the shortcomings of the system, the struggles of women and children and the damage in the process.

After a divorce, there is the healing process, the same process that comes after every life transition. It was my faith, family and friends that carried me through to realize that I am a victor and not a victim. That no matter what was going on in my life, it was my choice to find my happiness and my life’s purpose. It was then I decided to create something that would support women dealing with any part of the process, accessing the damage, picking up the pieces and devising a plan and empowering them to realize their full and endless dreams.

So whether a divorce, or any other life transition, W2WbyJ encourages women to help themselves as well as one another in life. W2WbyJ will provide experts and education in divorce, mental and physical health. Though spirituality is an individual choice, it remains the core to life’s answers and your divine purpose. We believe sexuality is not an act but the respect and appreciation of being a woman. We also understand that while success can be measured differently, financial responsibility is universal. With a little help, everyone is capable, whether re-entering the job market or completing an education, W2WbyJ will provide financial subsidies where possible.