Your Will

By Terri Willis

I am fully persuaded that our God-given free will was intended to bring blessings to our lives.  However, we individually choose whether to use our free wills to facilitate good or evil.  Although your spouse may have chosen poorly resulting in your need to divorce, you alone remain in charge of how you will respond in the process and how well you will recover.

The best use of your free will is to make wise, healthy choices. Simply choose to invite Creator God into your life & into your healing process. Choose to connect to God, and to cultivate faith and joy in your heart.


Caring for your body

We have explored how to self care for our soul and our spirit. Just as important, and tied to your spiritual wellness, is self care for your body, most experts provide the same counsel we have all heard over and over.  First we are encouraged to eat whole foods, instead of processed foods.  Our daily goal is to eat many servings of greens and small portions of lean protein, a few complex carbs, and the bare minimum of white flour and sugar.  The emotional high from processed food, junk food, and sugar is short-lived and is often followed by regret and unwanted pounds.  However, I am not suggesting the removal of all treats and sweets from your diet. I am encouraging you to seek authentic comfort, which simply cannot come from food.  I am further suggesting the consumption of whole foods that will provide much needed health and strength.

The second part of caring for your body includes exercise.  Regular exercise 4-6 days per week will also help ward off clinical depression. 

Last but not least is the necessity of adequate rest, relaxation and sleep.  I personally recommend a minimum of 7.5 hours of sleep every night.  Unfortunately sleep is very habitual.  So if you have created a poor sleeping regimen, it will take strict discipline to change it.  The good news is a new habit is created in only 30 consecutive days.  New habits are reinforced over the next 30 consecutive days.  I believe in 60 -90 days you can establish a new lifestyle, that is much easier to maintain. 

Don't forget to carve out daily, personal time to relax and refresh. I also highly recommend scheduling play dates with healthy, loving & supportive friends and family, at least bi-weekly.

For those with children who are wondering how they will find time for self-care, please rest assured that your children will greatly benefit from a healthy, refreshed, well-cared-for mom. For their sake as well as your own, it is absolute wisdom to avoid suffering a breakdown.