The dissolution of a marriage is hard. If you have to face divorce, you need to know how to navigate your emotions, the legal system and your options. We want you to now know what we wish we knew.

SMART GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE™ to Mindfulness (Part 2 or 2)
By staryoung — Jan 28 2015 - 2:22am

Even words have power. If you constantly speak negatively then you are thinking negatively and it grows the negative side of the brain. Just as if you speak positively you are thinking positively and grow the positive side of the brain. How do you want to train and grow your brain?

SMART GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE™ to Mindfulness (Part 1 or 2)
By staryoung — Jan 28 2015 - 2:21am

You may ask what is mindfulness and what does it have to do with divorce. A lot. In a divorce you make life-changing decisions when thoughts are racing and emotions are swinging. It is extremely important to be mindful so that you are able to focus when you make choices and take actions that affect your health, finances, children, and future happiness.