Sexuality is not just sex. It is our relationships with our bodies, how we feel and treat ourselves beyond our body image. Everyone can have a better relationship with their one and only body.

Terry Malloy

A Man’s Narcissism – Part I
By TerryMalloy — Jan 28 2015 - 1:20am

The impetus for my writing this three part blog series, “A Man’s Narcissism”, is because it is a rare opportunity for women, including my teenage daughters who I love more than life itself, to get a firsthand glimpse into the behavior of a male narcissist. The term “narcissist” is an overused and in many cases misplaced description for a “self-centered” person.

Star Young

Gender Diversity
By staryoung — Jan 28 2015 - 1:15am

Melanie and I attended the conference “Conversations with Men On Wall St & Finance: Engaging Men in Moving Women Up." The event is part of series of programs that IMPACT 21 launched with a global goal of gender-balanced leadership at the top (aka, more women executives).