Sexuality is not just sex. It is our relationships with our bodies, how we feel and treat ourselves beyond our body image. Everyone can have a better relationship with their one and only body.

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Owning who you are is the introduction to discovering that exclusive part of you that is like no other.  Sexuality is a wonderful place to begin.  Sexuality is a celebrated launch to getting to know yourself as a very special unique woman. 

In many ways female sexuality is still mysterious.

Sexuality is shaped by culture and history. For example, a hundred years ago a woman who loved sex could be regarded as being mentally disturbed, whereas today if you don't love sex you could end up being diagnosed as dysfunctional. With this in mind, it pays to be skeptical of labels that pathologize sexual difference.

What is the true nature of female sexuality?  There has never been a culture where women have been encouraged to explore and experiment with their sensuality without censure. We don't understand the full potential of female sexuality, free range.

It is well known that media and advertising can have a devastating effect on a woman's self-esteem--but it affects our sexual self-esteem too. Feeling like we don't live up to the physical ideal, women often grow to view themselves and even their genitalia, as undesirable.

We hope within the context of Women to Women by Julia to explore all these possibilities with you and more. 


Terry Malloy

A Man’s Narcissism – Part I
By TerryMalloy — Jan 28 2015 - 1:20am

The impetus for my writing this three part blog series, “A Man’s Narcissism”, is because it is a rare opportunity for women, including my teenage daughters who I love more than life itself, to get a firsthand glimpse into the behavior of a male narcissist. The term “narcissist” is an overused and in many cases misplaced description for a “self-centered” person.

Star Young

Gender Diversity
By staryoung — Jan 28 2015 - 1:15am

Melanie and I attended the conference “Conversations with Men On Wall St & Finance: Engaging Men in Moving Women Up." The event is part of series of programs that IMPACT 21 launched with a global goal of gender-balanced leadership at the top (aka, more women executives).

Investigating Sexuality
By melanie — Jan 27 2015 - 10:44am

Have you ever thought about sexuality, your feelings about it? Have you ever given it the time to explore it? Is it important to you? Do you not think it somehow distinguishes you? Do you know what it embodies?

Celebrating Sexuality
By melanie — Sep 4 2014 - 11:47am

I hope you have had a chance to think about some of the questions I suggested. Should you devote the time, you will produce an extraordinary opportunity for all present and future relationships. You can only truly have a relationship with another when you have first established the most essential relationship – that is the one you have with yourself.

Sexuality at 57 years old
By melanie — Mar 25 2014 - 12:11pm

I have suggested that I have recently discovered my sexuality at 57 years old. Many of you might be thinking, what exactly does that mean? Without getting into too much detail, sexuality is quite a cumbersome topic. Its political, sexual, psychological, physiological, cultural and too many other things to even mention.